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    Medics USA office hours for Tuesday, March 14 Columbia Heights and Winchester CLOSED. Dupont Circle OPEN 10 am to 9. Ashburn OPEN 2 to 7. Falls Church OPEN 1 to 5.…Read More

  2. What Causes Cold Feet And Hands?

    For many people in Washington DC, their primary complaint about the cold weather months of December through March is that their feet and hands always seem to be cold. For the entire winter, these people feel like they’re in a battle with the weather, constantly turning up the thermostat, layering…Read More

  3. How To Protect Seniors During Flu Season

    In a previous blog we discussed a few of the reasons that it’s so important for parents to get their kids vaccinated against the influenza virus during flu season. Young children don’t enjoy the strong immune system of their health, adult counterparts, which means they’re at increased risk fo…Read More

  4. Essential Flu Season Tips For Parents

    Kids getting sick during flu season can often feel inevitable. Young immune systems just aren’t as strong as adult ones. That, coupled with the fact that children often ignore hygienic habits that can help prevent the spread of the flu (influenza) virus from one human to another, means that schoo…Read More

  5. Can you tell between a cold and the flu?

    Can you tell the difference between flu and a bad cold? Flu activity is the DC area has now reached high levels. If you are feeling sick and don't know if you have the flu, check out this page from the Centers for Disease Control.…Read More

  6. Early Ashburn Office Closing

    On Friday, Feb. 24, the Medics USA office in Ashburn will close at 4:00. We apologize for any inconvenience.…Read More

  7. Love Foods That Are Toasted Or Roasted? You Could Be At Risk

    If you pay attention to health news even half as much as the medical professionals in our urgent care clinics, you’ve probably noticed that there are a LOT of things that can put your health at risk. One year it’s eggs, the next year they tell you eggs are fine. For a long time fat was the vill…Read More

  8. Tips For Better Heart Health This Valentine’s Day

    It’s February and even though there’s still lots of cold and snow in store for Falls Church, many people in Virginia are getting excited for Valentine’s Day (our state is for Lovers, after all). Although this is a time of year traditionally reserved for showing love and affection through cand…Read More

  9. Losing ACA Coverage? Medics USA Can Help

    Last year the United States held its general election to decide who would serve as the 45th President. The controversial winner was Donald Trump, who ran on a Republican platform that included the promise of repealing the Affordable Care Act. Here at Medics USA, we’re in the business of providing…Read More

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