1. Current status of flu season

    What is happening with this year's flu season? According to this chart from the Centers for Disease Control, the season is beginning slowly, like most previous years, and it will take a few weeks to determine if the season will be mild or severe. Under any circumstances, it would be wise to be immun…Read More

  2. Digital Toddlers in the Waiting Room

    My office adjoins the reception area of the Medics USA Primary & Urgent Care Center in Purcellville. What comes through my door are the sounds from the other room. Occasionally, there will be a very young child with a painful ear-ache and powerful set of lungs. At other times, I can make out a y…Read More

  3. A new family practice physician at Medics USA

    Medics USA is pleased to announce the addition of Anne S. DePasquale, MD to its staff. Dr. DePasquale is a Board-certified family practice physician and will be located at the Medics USA offices in Falls Church, VA and Columbia Heights, DC. DePasquale has a bachelor’s degree in music and French f…Read More

  4. Free vaccine available for childhood immunizations

    Childhood Vaccinations for Free? Virginia children may qualify for a government program that provides caregivers like Medics USA with free vaccines for common childhood immunizations (MMR, Hepatitis A and B, Chicken Pox, Polio, and others). That means Medics USA will only charge for the administrati…Read More

  5. Holiday Health Tips from Medics USA

    The Holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family, not a time to get sick. A couple of tips: Manage stress -- even if your not-so-favorite uncle gets on your nerves Wash your hands and cover your cough -- remember, it's flu season too Stay warm if you are visiting a colder clime than the…Read More

  6. Can we achieve “Herd Immunity” for the Flu?

    On 12/29, the Washington Post had an impassioned article by David Ropeik, an instructor at Harvard, on Americans’ continued resistance to vaccinations. He notes that parental refusal to allow children to receive measles or pertussis (whooping cough) vaccines is causing the sickness (and, occasion…Read More