1. Cardiologists warn about fake medical news

    Heart doctors are so concerned about “fake medical news” on TV and social media that they simultaneously published a warning editorial in two dozen cardiology journals.  The physicians are most concerned about patients who are not taking the statins prescribed to them to lower their cholesterol…Read More

  2. Want lower blood pressure? Fall in love!

    Just thinking about your romantic partner can lower blood pressure! In a just-published study, University of Arizona researchers tested 102 people who were in committed romantic relationships. The participants were given a highly stressful task to complete while their blood pressure and heart rate w…Read More

  3. New sleep requirements for kids

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has new recommendations for children’s sleep requirements. All these figures included nap time. PS: if your child has a tough time getting to sleep, then you might reduce screen time (games, videos) before bedtime. Here are the times. 4 to 12 months: 12 to 16…Read More

  4. Do you wear contact lenses?

    If you do, the Centers for Disease Control want to remind you of three easy steps to prevent eye infections: Don’t wear contact lenses while sleeping – unless directed to do so by your eye doctor. Don’t “top off” solution – never mix fresh solution with old or used solution. Don’t swim…Read More

  5. CDC says: “Pregnant? Get Vaccinated!”

    Vaccines are an important part of planning and having a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy you share everything with your baby. If you are planning to become pregnant, talk to your healthcare professional to be sure you are up to date on your vaccinations. If you are pregnant, the Centers for Disea…Read More

  6. Make sure your kids use sunscreen

    In a new study, scientists from the very sunny nation of Australia have found that people who regularly used sunscreen as kids reduced their risk of developing skin cancer as adults by a whopping 40 percent. The study looked at 1700 people aged 18-40 and compared regular users of sunscreen to people…Read More

  7. Advice about ticks

    Lots of people worry about ticks. It is okay to be concerned, especially if you live in or visit Loudoun County, but tick bites and the diseases that sometimes accompany them can be prevented. The Centers for Disease Control have a definitive list of hints and measures – even a video on how to pro…Read More

  8. Planning overseas travel?

    Planning Summer travel overseas? The Centers for Disease Control have lots of advice on how to have a safe trip (click here). And, if you need vaccines or medicine, contact the Medics USA office nearest you.…Read More