1. Planning overseas travel?

    Planning Summer travel overseas? The Centers for Disease Control have lots of advice on how to have a safe trip (click here). And, if you need vaccines or medicine, contact the Medics USA office nearest you.…Read More

  2. Watch out for waterborne disease this summer

    The pools are open so watch out for waterborne disease this summer. About one-third of all recreational, waterborne illness is caused by hotel pools and hot tubs, according to a report from the Centers for disease Control (CDC).   The CDC recommends the following steps to protect yourself when …Read More

  3. Permethrin works wonders against ticks

    If you are especially concerned about ticks as Summer approaches, then you should be looking at permethrin-treated clothing. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently completed a series of experiments, and they found that the insecticide permethrin has excellent effects on the three species of …Read More

  4. Drowsy Driving Is a Bigger Problem than You Think

    Drowsy driving is a much bigger problem than we think, says a new report by the American Automobile Association (AAA). The Federal government, in the form of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, says that drowsiness is responsible for 1.4 percent of all police-reported crashes. The AA…Read More

  5. Nervous About Seeing a Doctor?

    If the thought of scheduling a visit with your doctor sounds like something you’d rather not do, you are not alone. A trip to your local medical clinic can sometimes cause a bit of anxiety and the truth of the matter is that millions of other people around the country are feeling the same way you …Read More

  6. Medics USA still accepts CareFirst

    Some DC primary care providers will soon stop accepting CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, according to the Washington Post. If you need a provider that still takes CareFirst BC BS, please contact Medics USA – with two locations in the District.…Read More

  7. A Few Ways to Stay Healthy This Fall

    With fall right around the corner here in Washington, D.C., many people are gearing up for cooler weather. That means that before long, we will all be breaking out our favorite flannel shirts and blue jeans to stay warm while we’re on the go. There are a number of reasons that people consider fall…Read More

  8. Can Eating Healthy Food Really Keep You Out of Urgent Care?

    It’s been a long day at work. There was a glare on your computer screen that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Your loudest coworker seemed to find a way to pace past your desk about 6,000 times during the course of the day on the loudest phone call of their life. Add to that the fact that it’s u…Read More