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Are you hoping to achieve permanent residence in the United States? If so, you must follow all the rules of the U.S. immigration process so that you can achieve a green card. Failure to do this can jeopardize your status, and leave you at risk for losing your residence and everything you’ve done to establish a new life in America. In order to apply for and receive a valid U.S. lawful permanent residence card, you will be required to undergo an immigration medical exam. However, you can’t just walk into any medical clinic and ask them to give you a physical. Read on to learn more about who can conduct immigration physicals and what you can expect during the appointment.

Who Can Conduct A Medical Exam For Immigration?

In order to be valid, an immigration physical must be conducted by an authorized physician or civil surgeon. If you’re applying to immigrate to the United States from another country, the local consulate or embassy will supply you with a list of local physicians who can complete the exam. If you’re applying from within the United States, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services office can provide you with names and locations of qualified civil surgeons. If you live in the Washington, D.C., Falls Church, or Ashburn areas, you can just visit any Medics USA location. We have caregivers on staff who are authorized to perform immigration physicals.

What Should You Bring To An Immigration Physical?

Be sure to arrive at your Medics USA appointment with the following information and/or documentation or we won’t be able to complete the exam:

Proof of vaccinations.Documentation of any mental retardation, learning disabilities, or other conditions that may require special education.
Certification of of any diagnosis and/or treatments administered for syphilis and tuberculosis.
Mental health records.
A copy of the USCIS Form I-693 with the name, address, and birth date filled in on every page.

What Will Be Examined During An Immigration Physical?

The Medics USA professional who conducts your immigration medical exam will take the time to thoroughly read over the records and documentation you brought with you. They’ll be specifically looking for missing required vaccinations, as well as any issues that may indicate you need special care. For immigrants over the age of 15, there will be blood tests and x-rays taken. The doctor will also conduct a physical examination of your vital body parts, like eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, skin, and genitalia.

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