Here at Medics USA in Falls Church, we want you to know that we’re dedicated to helping you build a healthy lifestyle. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, with responsibilities and social activities pulling you in all directions. We also realize that you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time waiting in line or worrying about whether or not your primary care doctors is knowledgeable about your current health concern.

That’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for Medics USA to provide all of your health care needs. We offer urgent care as well as primary care services so that no matter why or how fast you need to see a doctor, you can always turn to us.

Keep reading to learn more about the type of care you can expect from our primary care doctors, as well as answers to questions we’re often asked by new and potential patients.

Types Of Primary Care Physicians And Who They Treat

Before we start answering those questions, let’s just have a quick recap about the types of doctors who fall into this category:

  • Family – Family practices are designed to make it possible for an entire family to see the same primary care physician. Family doctors are considered specialists, and have been trained in the diagnosis and treatment of many health conditions, and often accept adults as well as children.
  • Internal – Internal practices are designed to provide a bit more specialized care, especially for people who might be dealing with disease or chronic illness. Internal care physicians tend to only accept adult patients.
  • General – General practices are designed to provide the widest scope of care. While they often lack the pediatric training that a family practice physician will have, they’re still capable of treating patients of all ages.

Now let’s answer some common questions about the care provided by physicians at Medics USA in Falls Church.

Can Primary Care Doctors Help With…

  • Back Pain? Yes! If you’re experiencing sudden or severe back pain that can’t be treated by usual rest and over the counter pain relievers, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to your primary care provider. Your doctor will be able to assess potential causes of the pain and recommend initial treatment. If the back pain doesn’t respond to that treatment, your primary care doctor may recommend that you see a specialist, likely a chiropractor or doctor of osteopathic medicine.
  • Hair Loss? Yes! If you have noticed an increasing amount of hair left behind in your brush or in the sink, visit your primary care physician. They can either prescribe a traditional medication or topical treatment, or refer you to a dermatologist.
  • Broken Bones? No! While a primary care physician is certainly capable of diagnosing a broken bone, this type of acute injury needs to be taken care of right away. For suspected broken bones, visit an urgent care or emergency room immediately.

Medics USA In Falls Church Offers Both Primary And Urgent Care

The good news is that if your primary care doctor works at Medics USA, you already know where to find a great urgent care clinic for any of your acute health needs! Book your appointment today.