Thousands of people move into and away from Washington D.C. every year. This includes cities outside the Washington Metro area, such as Falls Church. While there are many aspects of moving to a new city that are fun and exciting, finding new service providers like primary care physicians, hair stylists, and massage therapists can be time consuming.

Medics USA is proud to be the primary and urgent care provider that more people in the Falls Church area turn to when they need a physical exam, vaccinations, and other medical services. We realize that you have many choices when it comes to finding primary care in your new hometown, and we hope that we’ll have the chance to look after the short- and long-term health of your family. Regardless of which provider you choose, we’ve assembled this list of tips that will make it easier to find a new primary care doctor when you move.

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Why Choose A New Primary Care Doctor Right Away?

Between all the stress of packing your belongings into boxes, hiring a moving company, and making sure you’ve gotten the utilities turned on in your new Falls Church home, researching a primary care physician is probably pretty low down on your list of priorities. We understand. However, we’d also like to remind you that it’s best to do at least some research into potential doctors in your new city before you move. Take a quick glance at both primary care practices and urgent care clinics in the new location that are covered by your current insurance. If someone gets sick or hurt during the move, you’re going to want to have a good idea of where you can turn for help.

Steps For Choosing A New Primary Care Doctor

If this is your first move in a long time, saying goodbye to your current primary care doctor probably isn’t easy. Chance are, you’ve been going to see this same primary care provider for many years and they know a lot about your medical history. Consistent treatment and comprehensive knowledge of your medical needs over time is a big reason to have a primary care provider in the first place. Moving can’t be avoided, however, so follow these tips for finding a new physician you’ll love just as much.

  1. Identify the type of doctor you want to see (male/female, specialist/generalist, holistic/complimentary/traditional)
  2. Don’t forget to investigate hospitals as well (not all doctors can see you at all area hospitals)
  3. Inquire about education, experience, and certifications
  4. Get information about the doctor’s entire team (if you can’t get in to see your exact doctor, are their nurses, nutritionists, or other medical professionals that will be able to help?)
  5. Consider availability and insurance plans accepted
  6. Make an interview appointment to get to know your doctor before there’s an emergency (this can be especially important for young children who might take a while to warm up to new people)

Come Experience The Medics USA Difference

There are many different primary care providers in the Falls Church area, but very few of them can offer the flexibility and expertise of Medics USA. For one thing, we operate both a primary care clinic and an urgent care clinic simultaneously. This means we can meet your needs whether you just need to bring your son in for a physical exam so he can play football, or whether your daughter has suddenly come down with a case of food poisoning.

The unique configuration of Medics USA primary care clinics also means that we can extend affordable health care to you whether you have insurance or not. Our Community Care program extends deep discounts to individuals and families who may be experiencing a lapse in their insurance coverage. With this program, you’ll get to enjoy flat rates for many of our most commonly needed services so you don’t have to worry about your health in a new city.

Want to experience the Medics USA difference today? Contact our primary care and urgent care clinic in Falls Church today.

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