The regular season of NFL is finally over and at long last football fans know who’s going to the Super Bowl! Unfortunately for those of us living in the D.C. area, it won’t be our beloved Washington Redskins. The two teams who lived to fight another day are the New England Patriots (surprise, surprise) and the Atlanta Falcons. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, the primary care physicians at Medics USA want to know that we’re always here on the sidelines, making a plan for your health.

Keep reading to discover some simple ways to plan a healthier Super Bowl party for yourself and your guests, and remember, if you come down with a case of food poisoning or suffer a slip-and-fall injury while attempting to decorate your living room, the primary and urgent care physicians at Medics USA in Washington D.C. will be here to help.

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Strategies For Planning A Healthier Super Bowl Party

When most people get invited to a Super Bowl party, they expect two things: a giant television and lots of junk food. The usual suspects include hamburgers and fries, chicken wings of various flavors, chips and dip, and lots and lots of beer. While these treats are great for celebrating a special occasion, they’re less than ideal for our long term health. Instead of using the Super Bowl as a chance to overindulge in foods that cause weight gain, intoxication, or simply a sugar high, keep these strategies in mind as you’re planning your soiree.

1. Before The Game

The day before and even morning of the Super Bowl, try to get some exercise. What? Workout on a Sunday!? Yes, that’s exactly what we mean. When you engage in physical activity–even just walking on the treadmill or rowing a few hundred meters–it will make you feel more positive and motivated to stick with your plans for healthy eating. After your workout but before guests arrive, enjoy a healthy snack. This will ensure that you’re not starving when game time arrives, and help you make smarter decisions about what you’ll eat and drink.

2. Create A Food-Free Zone

You don’t need to place food all around the house. While this might seem convenient for your guests, it’s actually making it hard to get away from temptations. Leave food set up on the kitchen table and keep the living room completely free of food, thus curbing mindless snacking. When people want a snack, it will encourage them to get up and walk–even just a few steps!–to make their selection.

3. Bring Out Low-Calorie Foods First

Football games are separated into two halves, right? So use that template to help you keep indulgences to a minimum. At the start of the game, serve up lower calorie snacks like veggies with yogurt-based dip or zucchini fries. Then, after people have had a quarter or two to fill up on these healthier foods, bring out your pizza and chips. People will be less likely to gorge on these starchy, high fat, or high sodium foods if their bellies are half full with healthy stuff!

Remember, your primary care physician at Medics USA in Washington D.C. is always available to discuss your weight loss goals or digestive problems. Enjoy the Super Bowl and remember to keep it healthy!

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