1. Are You Dealing with Summer Allergies?

    Now that summer is in full swing, chances are that you’re spending plenty of time exploring the areas around Washington, D.C. And why not? It’s been absolutely beautiful in our neck of the woods lately. Whether you’re going for a bike ride around town, taking in a Nationals game at Nationals Park, or just lounging outside and taking in a bit of sun, there are plenty of reasons to be outside …Read More

  2. 3 Things to Know About Our Medical Clinic

    Here at Medics USA, we want to be the primary care physicians that you trust in Washington, DC. Our goal is to provide you with a level of care and customer service that’s simply unmatched by others in the industry. And as a matter of fact, it’s been awhile since we’ve introduced ourselves to our new readers, so if you’re considering a visit to our medical clinic, we think there are a few …Read More

  3. Top Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling This Summer

    If you love to travel during the summer months, you’ll want to ensure you take every precaution to avoid getting sick. Nothing ruins a summer vacation like catching a cold or getting a stomach bug. Here at Medics USA, our primary care providers in Washington DC have put together a list of our top tips for staying healthy while you travel. If you’re a summer traveler, you’re going to want to …Read More

  4. Wellness Counseling For Weight Loss

    Weight loss can be a tough process to navigate by yourself. While most people think about losing weight at one point or another in their lives, a lot of people have difficulty following through with their weight loss goals due to the inability to weed through all of the different diets and exercise programs that are available today. If you need help either beginning or continuing your weight loss …Read More

  5. What Causes Cold Feet And Hands?

    For many people in Washington DC, their primary complaint about the cold weather months of December through March is that their feet and hands always seem to be cold. For the entire winter, these people feel like they’re in a battle with the weather, constantly turning up the thermostat, layering their socks, and bundling up with blankets in an attempt to warm up their extremities. For most peop…Read More

  6. Planning A Healthy Super Bowl Party

    The regular season of NFL is finally over and at long last football fans know who’s going to the Super Bowl! Unfortunately for those of us living in the D.C. area, it won’t be our beloved Washington Redskins. The two teams who lived to fight another day are the New England Patriots (surprise, surprise) and the Atlanta Falcons. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, the primary care physician…Read More

  7. Widespread prediabetes is a good reason for annual physical

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reminds us of a pretty shocking fact about prediabetes. One in 3 Americans (about 86 million people) are prediabetic and 90 percent of those people don’t know they have it. Prediabetes is the condition in which your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but are not high enough to be classified as diabetic. Prediabetes puts you at increased risk of devel…Read More

  8. Things To Consider When Looking For A Primary Care Physician

    Choosing which doctor will provide primary care for your family isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. However, it’s often a decision that people are forced to make quite quickly, as it’s typically part of the insurance sign-up process. At Medics USA, we realize that here in Washington D.C. you have many options for a primary care physician. We’re honored that so many people in thi…Read More