1. What Causes Cold Feet And Hands?

    For many people in Washington DC, their primary complaint about the cold weather months of December through March is that their feet and hands always seem to be cold. For the entire winter, these people feel like they’re in a battle with the weather, constantly turning up the thermostat, layering their socks, and bundling up with blankets in an attempt to warm up their extremities. For most peop…Read More

  2. Planning A Healthy Super Bowl Party

    The regular season of NFL is finally over and at long last football fans know who’s going to the Super Bowl! Unfortunately for those of us living in the D.C. area, it won’t be our beloved Washington Redskins. The two teams who lived to fight another day are the New England Patriots (surprise, surprise) and the Atlanta Falcons. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, the primary care physician…Read More

  3. Widespread prediabetes is a good reason for annual physical

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reminds us of a pretty shocking fact about prediabetes. One in 3 Americans (about 86 million people) are prediabetic and 90 percent of those people don’t know they have it. Prediabetes is the condition in which your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but are not high enough to be classified as diabetic. Prediabetes puts you at increased risk of devel…Read More

  4. Things To Consider When Looking For A Primary Care Physician

    Choosing which doctor will provide primary care for your family isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. However, it’s often a decision that people are forced to make quite quickly, as it’s typically part of the insurance sign-up process. At Medics USA, we realize that here in Washington D.C. you have many options for a primary care physician. We’re honored that so many people in thi…Read More

  5. Can You Be Allergic To Snow?

    Over the course of our past few articles, we’ve been exploring the topic of winter allergies. Although many seasonal allergy sufferers find that their symptoms are worst in the pollen-laden months of spring and summer, fall and winter allergies are also a reality. If you suffer from any type of seasonal allergies, be sure to visit your primary care physician at a Medics USA in Washington DC! In …Read More

  6. Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Be Honest With Your Doctor

    Even though most of us have been doing it all our lives, visiting the doctor can still be a nerve-wracking experience. For some reason, patients can get nervous during the question and answer portion of an annual exam or visit about health issues, leading them to answer the questions in the way they think the doctors want rather than telling the truth. This is a very funny behavior when you think …Read More

  7. How To Prepare For Your First Visit With A Medics USA Doctor

    We're so thrilled that you’ve chosen Medics USA in Washington D.C. as your primary care provider. Many people know that we're an urgent care clinic, but we also have full-time primary care doctors that can provide medical care even when it’s not an emergency. A primary care physician is your partner in long-term health. Rather than helping to set a broken bone or giving you a prescription for …Read More

  8. 3 Gross Summer Health Threats All Swimmers Should Know

    Summer is hot. In the Washington DC area, it’s not only hot but it’s unbearably humid as well. The combination is very much like sitting in a stinky sauna that someone built inside a brick pizza oven. Not very pleasant. To escape the muggy misery of Washington DC in the summer, many residents take advantage of any and all chances to go swimming. Plunging yourself into a pool, pond, lake, or ev…Read More