1. How Your Body Benefits from Drinking Water

    Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to take control of your health. Our bodies need water to keep maintain the health of our organs, keep our skin glowing, and so much more. As many people know, the human body could go three weeks without food, but can only last three to four days without water. So, as you can see, there are countless reasons that getting enough water is a must.  In today Read More

  2. Can Eating Healthy Food Really Keep You Out of Urgent Care?

    It’s been a long day at work. There was a glare on your computer screen that just wouldn’t seem to go away. Your loudest coworker seemed to find a way to pace past your desk about 6,000 times during the course of the day on the loudest phone call of their life. Add to that the fact that it’s unseasonably hot outside, but rather than blasting air conditioning to keep you cool, someone decided…Read More

  3. 3 Signs That You Should Go to Urgent Care

    Making the decision to go to an urgent care center can sometimes be a tricky one. If you’re anything like most other people out there, you’ll try to work through your situation logically in an attempt to decide whether you need to see someone immediately or not. Of course this can be a difficult decision. What if what you’re experiencing is a false alarm? When is the right time to go? Do you…Read More

  4. Summer Activities That May Cause Injuries

    Once summer rolls around, you get a lot more opportunities to spend time outside and do more household projects. However, once you start being more physically active and working on your honey-do list, you’re a lot more likely to injure yourself if you’re not careful. In order to avoid a trip to urgent care this summer, make sure you're following the proper precautions to keep yourself safe. To…Read More

  5. 3 Things to Expect When You Visit Us for Emergency Care

    When it comes to urgent care in Ashburn, the team at Medics USA is here to take care of you in your time of need. People visit our facilities for a number of different reasons, but we want you to know that when you need help, we’ll be here to help you every time. Whether you stop in your your annual checkup or you need a physical before you can participate in a sporting event at your school, Med…Read More

  6. How To Protect Seniors During Flu Season

    In a previous blog we discussed a few of the reasons that it’s so important for parents to get their kids vaccinated against the influenza virus during flu season. Young children don’t enjoy the strong immune system of their health, adult counterparts, which means they’re at increased risk for contracting especially vicious strains of the virus. But young ones aren’t the only immune-suscep…Read More

  7. Make A Winter Survival Kit For Your Car

    The dire warnings from the people of the North came true. Winter is no longer coming, it’s here! While playing in the snow and enjoying the occasional day off from school are fun parts of the winter season, unexpected precipitation and extreme cold mean that it’s also a time of year when we must take special care of our health. The key to surviving the winter unscathed is to be prepared. Thatâ…Read More

  8. How Does An Urgent Care Treat Migraines?

    What do you do when you have a headache? If you’re like most people, you take a dose or two of your preferred over-the-counter pain medication, and continue your day. The headache likely dissipates within an hour or so and you don’t even think about it until the next one causes you discomfort. This isn’t the case with people who suffer from migraine headaches, however. Migraine pain can be d…Read More

  9. 4 Clever Ways To Fight Back Against Winter Allergies

    Many people are shocked to learn that not even in winter can allergy sufferers be safe from an untimely attack. As we discussed in previous post, not only are winter allergies a real thing, they can be the ruination of your festive holiday plans. Who wants to have a leaking nose or puffy red eyes at the company Christmas party? If your allergies are acting up even though the weather is cold, make …Read More