1. ​Tips For Dealing With Stress Over The Holidays

    Remember when you were a kid, and you waited all year for the winter holidays to roll around? Back then, it seemed like everything about the holidays was magical, from the lights to the amazing treats that your Grandma was always baking up in the kitchen. Now that you’re an adult, that joy and wonder of the holidays has probably given way to a full schedule and lots of stress. Sometimes we can e…Read More

  2. Yes, Winter Allergies Are A Real Thing

    Seasonal allergies affect millions of people and finding relief can be difficult. Although spring and summer are the poster seasons for allergies, it’s important to remember that fall and even winter allergies can pose a serious threat to your health. Your Medics USA urgent care center in Falls Church is open six days a week, until 6 pm Monday through Friday, so that you can come get help for yo…Read More

  3. Fall Allergies? Medics USA Is Ready To Help

    Runny nose. Pounding headache. Itchy eyes. Most people associate seasonal allergies with the spring, when trees, flowers, and weeds are putting out their first blooms, but fall allergies can be just as brutal. If you've got symptoms of a cold or the flu that just aren’t going away, you might want to check in with your nearest Medics USA urgent care center in Falls Church, Virginia. We'll help yo…Read More

  4. Is Your Family #UrgentCarePrepared For The School Year?

    At the beginning of August, the Urgent Care Association of America  (UCAOA) announced an exciting new campaign designed to encourage Falls Church families to consider their health while getting ready for back-to-school activities! “There is no way for a family to predict the future, but having a plan in place can make emergency and immediate medical needs less stressful when they arise,” said…Read More

  5. What Is Traveler’s Diarrhea?

    Summer is a great time to travel. Whether it’s a road trip across the state to visit Grandma and Grandpa, or flying to an exotic resort in a tropical location, many people take advantage of summer breaks from school and work to plan a vacation. We bet you’d be surprised to know that the simple act of traveling to a new place can actually put you at risk for a nasty health problem known as trav…Read More

  6. Preventing Colds And The Flu

    Even though the cold and flu season is coming to a close, you still want to be careful that you do not contract the illness. There are many small things that you can do to keep the virus away from your body. As much as we would love to see you at Medics USA, we want you to remain healthy as long as possible and leave your trip to urgent care for something more severe. Here are some tips on how to …Read More

  7. Emergencies That Can Be Treated Quickly At Medics USA

    Imagine this: The weather is finally warm enough and you’re working out in the yard of your Falls Church home. You’ve got gardening gloves and the proper tools, and you’re going after all the thistles that make it uncomfortable to walk around barefoot on your lawn. You bend down to pull up a particularly scary looking thistle, when…OUCH! A couple of particularly large spines shoot right th…Read More