1. Best Foods to Eat for breakfast

    We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet we almost as often skip breakfast. By passing on your first meal of the day you automatically can set yourself up for overeating on your next meal. A healthy quick breakfast will help energize your morning and keep you sharp/focused for your day. Here is a quick look at healthy food options by a study on Health.com Oatmeal: Oa…Read More

  2. Staying Healthy

    Staying healthy at work can be hard, but with some simple prep work you can do anything! Here are 8 ways to help you stay motivated and healthy in your office.…Read More

  3. Technical Difficulties

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system - due to an outage with our cable provider. Our offices are currently open regular hours with the exception of our Purcellville office. We apologize for the inconvenience!…Read More

  4. Purcellville Office Closed Today

    Medics USA- Purcellville is closed 3/15/16¬†for building maintenance work, we will resume normal hours tomorrow 3/16/16. We apologize for any inconvenience! If you would like to be seen today, please call us at our Ashburn location.…Read More

  5. Vaccinations

    Are you and your family traveling this season? Stop by one of our 6 locations for travel medicine and overseas clearance exams. In addition to the many immunizations we already provide we now also offer Yellow Fever vaccinations!…Read More

  6. Download the eBook Here

    Download the Sports Injuries Ebook from Medics USA.Get 16 pages of tips, tricks, and advice on treating the most common sports injuries and reduce your chances of a career ending injury.  …Read More