1. TB vaccine may help prevent Alzheimer’s

    Researchers in Israel have identified a fascinating new possibility for treating Alzheimer’s disease using tuberculosis vaccine. Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine has been around for 80 years and is very effective. Although it is rarely used in the United States, it is extensively used in many countries, especially those where TB incidence is high. Recently, BCG has also been used to trea…Read More

  2. Overwork can be deadly

    The Japanese have a word: karoshi or “death by overworking.” Now, the American Heart Association confirms how dangerous overworking can be. The journal Stroke publishes a study of 144,000 French adults that indicates that overwork (defined as working 10 hours or more per day for at least 50 days a year) very significantly increases the risk of stroke. Of the adults monitored, almost 30 percent…Read More

  3. Music Ed helps math, science grades

    Some people say: Cut music education in our schools and replace them with math and science courses. A new study published by the American Psychological Association says: Wrong! Researchers looked at 100,000 Canadian students and identified the 13 percent of them who took at least one advanced class in music during high school – courses like band, orchestra, or choir that require previous skill a…Read More

  4. Health Tips for Int’l Travelers

    If you and yours are traveling abroad this summer, you can get all the health information you need from the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC has an excellent site for free (here) and a comprehensive biannual “Yellow Book” available for download and in hard copy (both cost). The CDC has advice for special types of travel -- including study abroad, travel for work, and wilderness travel —-…Read More

  5. The DVM is healthy!

    U.S. News and World Report magazine just listed the healthiest locations in America. The DMV had six locations in the top 25, including Falls Church (number 3), Loudoun County (4), Howard County (10), Fairfax County (13) and City (18), and Arlington (25). Stay healthy, DMV!…Read More

  6. E-bikes help seniors’ mental health

    British researchers have found that using an electric bicycle gives the same cognitive and mental health benefits to seniors as using a regular bike. The scientists looked at 50- to 83-year olds who used either standard or electrically-assisted bikes to cycle three 30-minute outdoor rides per week for eight weeks. The subjects were then tested for cognitive function and processing speed and interv…Read More

  7. Cardiologists warn about fake medical news

    Heart doctors are so concerned about “fake medical news” on TV and social media that they simultaneously published a warning editorial in two dozen cardiology journals.  The physicians are most concerned about patients who are not taking the statins prescribed to them to lower their cholesterol because a celebrity or web “expert” has questioned their use. "We trust aeronautical science wh…Read More

  8. Want lower blood pressure? Fall in love!

    Just thinking about your romantic partner can lower blood pressure! In a just-published study, University of Arizona researchers tested 102 people who were in committed romantic relationships. The participants were given a highly stressful task to complete while their blood pressure and heart rate were monitored. While doing the task, some participants were told to think about their loved one; oth…Read More