No insurance? No problem!

If you or your family don’t have medical insurance and live in Virginia, we invite you to join the Medics USA Community Care Program. The program gives deep discounts to individuals who cover the cost of their own healthcare. It is only available to residents of Virginia, and it only will be honored at our Ashburn, Virginia location.

How does the Community Care Program work?

Membership is free for you and your family. You must sign up in person at one of our two Virginia offices. Then, you will be charged discounted prices on a whole range of procedures, including:

  • Basic Office Visit – starting at $75
  • New Patient Physical Exam – $125
  • Established Patient Physical Exam – $105
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – $40
  • Complete Blood Count – $30
  • Lipid Panel – $30
  • EKG with Interpretation – $45
  • Rapid Flu Test – $30
  • Quick Strep/Mono Test – $25
  • Pregnancy Test – $25
  • And much more…

All labs and any blood work will also be discounted and may be billed directly from the lab.

Ask about the Medics USA Community Care Program at our Ashburn, Virginia office.