1. Do you wear contact lenses?

    If you do, the Centers for Disease Control want to remind you of three easy steps to prevent eye infections: Don’t wear contact lenses while sleeping – unless directed to do so by your eye doctor. Don’t “top off” solution – never mix fresh solution with old or used solution. Don’t swim or shower while wearing contacts – germs found in the water can stick to your contacts.…Read More

  2. MEME ALERT: Puppies on the Internet!

    The Centers for Disease Control wants people to consider whether they are at risk of developing diabetes. Eighty-four million Americans are in a pre-diabetic state and 90 percent of them don’t know it. So, the CDC created a one-minute online survey to help you determine your risks, and they populated it with adorable puppies. Click here and take the test. It lasts a minute and the puppies are re…Read More

  3. Russian-Speaking Provider Now In Falls Church

    Medics USA is happy to welcome Dinara Yambulatova, MPAS, PA-C, as the full-time healthcare provider at our Falls Church office. This office provides both urgent care (no appointment necessary) and primary care, and she is accepting new patients. Dinara came to the U.S. from Uzbekistan after graduating with honors from Tashkent State Medical Institute. During her medical school years she, spent her…Read More

  4. Prepare for Spring Weather Craziness

    It’s Thursday, April 6, and here is Northern Virginia we have seen sunlight, monsoon-style rain, thunder, hailstones, and tornado warnings. Tomorrow, the temperature will nosedive. Well, it’s Spring, and Spring often means very changeable weather. Mark Twain once said, "In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours." The Centers for Di…Read More