1. The Best Outdoor Activities For Summer

    Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and be active. At the very least, it’s important to take advantage of the nice weather and spend time in the sunshine during the summer. Here at Medics USA, our primary care providers in Falls Church want to see our patients get the most out of their summer. That’s why we’d like to go over some of our favorite outdoor activities you can do this summ…Read More

  2. Common Problems You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask About

    Most people don’t mind making an appointment with their doctor to speak about frequent headaches, pain in their back, or difficulty sleeping. However, there are many problems that people can face, and they simply don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about them. The important thing to keep in mind is that your primary care doctor has probably heard and seen a lot over the course of their ca…Read More

  3. Tips For Better Heart Health This Valentine’s Day

    It’s February and even though there’s still lots of cold and snow in store for Falls Church, many people in Virginia are getting excited for Valentine’s Day (our state is for Lovers, after all). Although this is a time of year traditionally reserved for showing love and affection through candy and other “sweet” presents, the primary care team at your Medics USA center in Falls Church wou…Read More

  4. Finding A New Doctor When You Move

    Thousands of people move into and away from Washington D.C. every year. This includes cities outside the Washington Metro area, such as Falls Church. While there are many aspects of moving to a new city that are fun and exciting, finding new service providers like primary care physicians, hair stylists, and massage therapists can be time consuming. Medics USA is proud to be the primary and urgent …Read More

  5. Tips For Enjoying The Holidays With Diabetes

    The holidays are here! Although December might be the coldest, darkest month of the year here in Ashburn, the decorations and festive spirit help to keep our community happy despite the weather. The holidays can present quite a few challenges for people who are trying to stick to a diet or a healthy lifestyle plan. It seems like everywhere we turn, people are offering us sugary treats or making ex…Read More

  6. 3 Holiday Health Hazards That Aren’t So Jolly

    For most people, the holidays are a wonderful time of year! Not only does the weather cool off and bring the possibility of beautiful snow, but most people also get a few days off to spend with friends and family. You probably don’t think about the holidays as being a time when your health is at risk, but there are actually quite a few aspects of the season that might give you reason to visit yo…Read More

  7. Can You Be Allergic To Snow?

    Over the course of our past few articles, we’ve been exploring the topic of winter allergies. Although many seasonal allergy sufferers find that their symptoms are worst in the pollen-laden months of spring and summer, fall and winter allergies are also a reality. If you suffer from any type of seasonal allergies, be sure to visit your primary care physician at a Medics USA in Washington DC! In …Read More

  8. Would You Visit A Virtual Doctor?

    For over a century, visiting one’s primary care physician in Falls Church meant traveling to medical clinic where you could be seen by the doctor in person. In some very select cases, especially in the early 20th century, doctors would also make house calls for those who were very ill or critically injured, but being evaluated by a primary care physician still involved that doctor being in the r…Read More

  9. Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Be Honest With Your Doctor

    Even though most of us have been doing it all our lives, visiting the doctor can still be a nerve-wracking experience. For some reason, patients can get nervous during the question and answer portion of an annual exam or visit about health issues, leading them to answer the questions in the way they think the doctors want rather than telling the truth. This is a very funny behavior when you think …Read More