New research confirms that the average body temperature in America has dropped in the last 170 years. It is no longer 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; it’s now about 97.5 degrees for men and 98.0 for women. Researchers looked at three large sets of data containing body temperature information: medical records of Civil War veterans from 1862 to 1930; a Federal health and nutrition survey from 1970 to 1975; and adults who came to Stanford Health Care from 2007 to 2017. The most recently-born men showed a 1.06 degree drop from men born in the 19th Century. Modern women showed a .58 degree drop. They think that modern Americans are cooler because they are healthier than their great-great-grandparents, due to better healthcare, hygiene, and food intake. Sickness and other body stresses increase the metabolic rate, which heats up the body.